What to look for in a therapist if you're seeking mental health therapy? Consult the best mental health counsellor.

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“Asking questions is the first step towards change”

It’s very important to find a therapist that meshes well with our personality. It is normal to have some amount of anxiety before entering a process of counselling/therapy. Most counsellors/therapists aware of this situation provide 15 minutes of consultation where they share about their experiences, qualifications, approach of therapy and psycho educate you. This helps client to become more comfortable. It also gives client overall idea as to continue or discontinue with the therapist/counsellor.

Here are some examples of questions to ask without any hesitation to therapist/counsellor before engaging in the process of counselling:

● How many years of experience do you have?

● What are your qualifications?

● How much you charge and your sliding scale options?

● Have you been to counselling/therapy yourself?

● What are your strength’s and limitations as a counsellor?

● Do you maintain confidentiality?

● Do you have a licence?

Importance of Asking Questions:

Questions gives both therapist and client a better view and understanding about each other. It also makes it easy to confront and go ahead with the process of counselling. Here are some importance of asking questions:

● Helps built healthy rapport with therapist

● Shows your level of interest

● Deeper level of understanding

● Open space for communication on mental state

● Clears doubts and challenges

According to research, it has been also observed that people find it difficult as what to ask a counsellor during therapy/counselling session. Especially if it’s the first time, the level of anxiety is high. There are some questions the therapist/counsellor refrain from answering for personal reasons. It’s important during such a situation to respect that.

Here are some questions clients can ask to a therapist during the session:

● What does a typical appointment look like?

● Can you explain terms and conditions before we start with counselling?

● Does terms and conditions differ for children and adults?

● How does the confidentiality work in a different situation?

● How long does this type of treatment last?

● How long does one session go?

● Will you be providing me with the solutions to my problems?

● Will you prescribe medicines?

● How will I know if treatment is having an effect?

● Is there any time frame in which results will be visible?

● What kind of therapy do you practice?

● Do you have experience with treating others with similar issues?

● How do I contact you in case of emergency?

● Are there any risk factors that needs to be known?

● Do you work alone or collaborate with other experts?

● Will you need my medical reports?

● What does the research say about the kind of approach you practice?

These were some questions clients can ask the therapist anytime. When it gets difficult or feel stuck at some point, it’s helpful to visit a counsellor and ask questions to clear doubts.

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As Albert Einstein said “The most important thing is not to stop asking questions”, so let’s break the chain of uncertainty and ask questions when in doubt.

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