To deal with depression, anxiety & other mental health concerns call 1800-120-820050, the 24*7 toll-free number by Mpower & BMC with Maharashtra Govt. It helps individuals sail through tough times by addressing their concerns.

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"I had called the helpline when I felt totally broken and had spoken to a counsellor. Since then I have saved this number as 'the world's best counsellor' and I am extremely grateful to all the counsellors."
- A 20 year old, who called us for a relationship issue with self harm and suicidal ideation

"I felt so relieved talking on this line. For 6 months I was feeling distracted and stressed, but I could not talk to anyone freely. There is no mental health service provider near my area, so I was not able to get help. I will call again whenever I feel tense."
-A 35 year male, a school teacher at government school, Jharkhand.

"I was feeling very anxious before I decided to call the helpline. After talking to a psychologist, I felt a little calm, I felt I could breathe again, and surprisingly found that my confidence grew by the end of the call."
- A 25 year old male from Delhi


Our therapists are available to take calls 24 x 7.

The data received and content of our calls are kept completely confidential unless in case of self harm, harm to others, or breaking of laws. We record calls but these are only for internal training purposes.

No, this is a free service and you can contact us via our toll-free number 1800 120 820050.

Yes, everyone answering calls on the Helpline has many years of experience and are qualified psychologists.

You can call us for any mental health related queries or concerns like Anxiety, Low Mood, Sleep Difficulties, Help in Problem Solving, Communication, Relationship issues to name a few. We must specify that this is not an emergency or crisis line.

This Helpline is only available for people over the age of 18.

unlimited times, however there is no guarantee that you can speak to the same counsellor again

our counsellors work in shifts, so it will not be possible to speak to the same counsellor again

you can contact our Mpower Centre on 080 696 33333 and they will help you schedule an appointment.

our therapists cannot provide medical advice on this platform. If you need medical help with regard to a mental health issue, you can take an appointment with our psychiatrists on 080 696 33333

this is not a crisis helpline but our trained therapists will be able to guide you to the nearest hospital in case you need emergency help.