Mental Health Awareness Programs.

The Outreach arm is the awareness and capacity building vertical of Mpower. Our IGNITE Programs aim to reach out to the various communities through our comprehensive programs and workshops for Schools, Colleges, NGOs and Corporate . Our aim is to destigmatize mental health, manage various aspects related to mental health, equip individuals with the skills to prevent mental health issues and encourage help seeking behaviors.

Mpower has completed 7800+ workshops with National organizations, Government schools and colleges, NGOs and Trust bodies to facilitate various on-ground engagement programs.

Our Workshops

We work with all the stakeholders in a school; parents, teachers and students. Children, adolescents and young adults undergo continuous developmental changes within themselves. It is imperative to elicit support from their stakeholders in order to strengthen their coping mechanisms and support their mental health.

We deliver sessions focussed on building resilience, being aware of their mental health and strengthening our own resources. At the same time we focus on sessions with parents and teachers aiming at destigmatizing mental health and encouraging help seeking behaviours. We create Mental Health First Aiders to provide initial help to the ones undergoing a mental disturbance and guide to a mental health professional.

A psychologically safe environment at the workplace is a must. Through our workshops and training, we aim to foster mental & emotional well being at the workplace with a higher degree of understanding of mental health. We run workshops with all layers of management within an organization to create lasting impact.

Our sessions are focussed on adapting to change, acknowledging distress and its impact, importance of addressing mental well being and self care. We train Mental Health Champions at the workplace for early identification and intervention.

Mental health has been stigmatized to a great extent in our country. Lack of awareness and deep rooted Myths about the field push people further away from seeking help.

Mpower partners with various Non-governmental organizations and Communities to run sessions for their employees as well as with the beneficiaries of all age groups, race, religion, economic stratas to advocate the importance of mental health and stamp out the stigma surrounding the same. We create Mental Health Soldiers to spread awareness and promote mental well being.

Our Associates


To be Champions of such an important agenda is very heartening and we are excited about our work ahead. And the feedback is so encouraging!

Mpower's Mental Health Champion Certificate Training Program

The content on 'Understanding Mental Well Being' was very informative and was well presented. We are certain this will go a long way in starting a conversation around mental health and well-being.

Webinar - Mental Health Awareness

Wanted to appreciate how well the session was conducted. right from the information that was provided to the style of presentation was very well done.

Webinar - Prioritizing Mental Wellbeing

Thank you very much MPOWER for a marvelously conducting the Mental Health Literacy Program

Mpower's Mental Health Literacy Program

Such awareness needs to be created in all police personnel with higher and lower ranks. Counselling facilities are required for both victims and police personnels

Project Saksham for Mental health awareness and well-being of Police Personnel

It was an awesome experience for me in improving, especially my teaching skills to a new level, I learned and benefited a lot from the course, as the course design was well planned

Mpower's Mental Health Literacy Program

Good session, it was very insightful. Really helped in creating awareness in various aspects of mental stress.

Webinar - Mental Health 1 on 1