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Empowering Athletes, Elevating Potential

Sports psychology is a proficiency that uses psychological knowledge and skills to address optimal performance and well-being of athletes, developmental and social aspects of sports participation, and systemic issues associated with sports settings and organizations.

How does Sports Psychology help athletes?

  • Performance Optimisation: It enhances athletic excellence through essential mental skills
  • Mental Health and Well-being: It offers a safe space for managing psychological challenges and building resilience
  • Cultural Impact and Legacy: It shapes a progressive sports culture in India by empowering athletes

Meet Our Expert Sports Psychologist

How Does It Work?

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An initiative by Aditya Birla Education Trust

AMP is a mental health care initiative for athletes by Mpower. AMP is the pioneer of mental health care and awareness for sports professionals nationwide. Since its inception, AMP has aimed to create an ecosystem where athletes with mental health concerns receive professional support, care, and acceptance to facilitate their recovery and unlock their peak potential. With the help of holistic care, interventions, and world-class treatments, AMP is dedicated to helping athletes with their mental health concerns.

Aditya Birla Education Trust runs under the zealous leadership of its passionate and committed Founder & Chairperson,

Mrs. Neerja Birla.

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AMP’s Sports Psychology Services at Mpower

Individualised Counselling

Individualised counselling involves personalised sessions focusing on athlete’s needs including goal setting, mental skills training, performance analysis, emotional regulation, confidence building, motivation enhancement, mental toughness development, performance optimisation, ongoing support, and progress monitoring.

Group Consultation

Group consultations are collaborative sessions aimed at enhancing team dynamics, fostering communication, building collective confidence, improving cohesion, and implementing strategies to optimise group performance.

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Assessment and
Performance Profiling

Assessment and performance profiling includes systematic evaluation to identify strengths, weaknesses, and key performance indicators, facilitating targeted interventions and personalised strategies to optimise individual and team performance in sports and other domains.

Well-being Support

Well-being support emphasises the practice of nurturing one's physical, emotional, and mental health through activities such as exercise, relaxation, social connections, and allied therapeutic modalities.

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Educational Workshops

Educational workshops are informative sessions designed to enhance understanding of psychological principles, teach practical coping strategies, promote mental well-being, and empower individuals to manage their emotions and behaviours effectively.

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Helpline is a vital resource for individuals seeking immediate support, providing confidential assistance, crisis intervention, and referrals to mental health services, promoting well-being and resilience.

Why Choose AMP by Mpower?

In the realm of sports and high-performance endeavours, mastering the mind is paramount for achieving excellence. Beyond tactical prowess, athletes require unwavering psychological support to consistently achieve peak performance. AMP by Mpower epitomises this holistic approach—focusing on the synergy between Athletes, Mind, and Performance.

At AMP our mission is to unlock the full potential of every athlete, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and excellence. Our vision is to offer bespoke interventions that are supported through groundbreaking research for the unique needs of each athlete, shaping a new era of athletic performance and well-being.

AMP’s narrative is one of empowerment where we delve deep into the psychological factors that influence athletic performance, seeking to illuminate the pathways that lead to success.

At AMP, we empower athletes to thrive by raising awareness, advocating for prevention, and delivering holistic, multi-disciplinary mental health services to enhance their performance and well-being.

Increased Mental Toughness

AMP, sports psychology helps athletes develop resilience, focus and determination to overcome challenges and perform under pressure.

Improved Confidence

AMP builds self-belief and confidence in athletes' abilities. Our interventions help athletes perform at their peak potential by reducing self-doubt and anxiety.

Enhanced Performance Skill

AMP offers evidence-based techniques and strategies to optimise performance, such as goal setting, visualization and pre-performance routines.

Stress Management

Helping athletes manage stress and anxiety effectively, enabling them to stay calm and focused in high-pressure situations is one of AMP’s goals. Our expert sports psychologists are always ready to help you with this.

Injury Rehabilitation Support

AMP, Mpower’s sports psychology assists athletes in mentally coping with and recovering from injuries, to facilitate a successful and smooth transition to training and competition.

Goal Setting and Motivation

Working with athletes to set realistic and achievable goals, as well as maintaining motivation and focus over the long term is what AMP’s focus is on.

Life Skills Development

AMP provides research-backed tools and strategies that athletes can apply not only in their sport but also in other areas of their lives promoting personal growth and holistic development.

Overall Well-Being

AMP by Mpower supports athletes in maintaining a healthy balance between their athletic pursuits and other aspects of their lives promoting overall well-being and satisfaction.

Best in Country

AMP provides the best quality support to the sports personalities in the country. The AMP team comprises highly qualified and trained sports psychologists, one of the best to work with. With years of experience, a high level of skill set and knowledge AMP sports psychologists work with athletes across all competitive levels and geographies.

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Prevalence of Mental Health Symptoms and Disorders in Athletes

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In 2021, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) gathered a panel of 23 experts from 13 nations to review 14,689 articles on mental health in elite athletes. They produced a consensus statement to guide mental clinical practice and interventions at both individual and systemic levels.

  • Just over 1 in 3 athletes may experience mental health symptoms
  • 33.6% reported symptoms of anxiety & depression
  • Athletes are not immune to mental health challenges, such as burnout, distress, anxiety, depression, unhealthy eating patterns, insomnia and alcohol or drug misuse
  • Injury, performance pressures, dealing with failure and/or success, and career transition out of sport are all associated with mental health symptoms
  • 49% were classified as ‘poor sleepers’

Client Testimonials

The comfort and professional care that was given right from the start. The fact that everyone I interacted with at Mpower were extremely forthcoming in providing information and answering all the questions I had.

Personal connection, convenience, nonjudgmental space, genuine listening to my thoughts. .

The steps that were taken to arrive at the diagnosis of the issue to be dealt with was very interesting. All the home remedies were extremely helpful and simple to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sports psychology is a specialised field that focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of athletic performance and well-being. It provides athletes with the tools and techniques they need to optimise their performance, cope with challenges, and achieve their full potential both on and off the field.

Athletes across all levels and disciplines can benefit from sports psychology services. Whether you're a professional athlete, an amateur competitor, or someone who enjoys recreational sports, sports psychology can help enhance your performance, mental resilience, and overall well-being. Individual athletes, teams, coaches, and even sports organizations can all benefit from the insights and techniques provided by sports psychologists.

Sports psychology offers valuable support in addressing a range of issues and challenges that an athlete may encounter. Some common areas where sports psychology can be beneficial include performance anxiety, confidence building, stress management, injury rehabilitation, focus and concentration, goal-setting and motivation., etc.

Sports psychology is beneficial for athletes of all levels, not just elite competitors. Whether you're a professional athlete striving for peak performance or a recreational player looking to improve your skills and enjoyment of the game, sports psychology can provide valuable support.

The sports psychology process at Mpower typically begins with an initial assessment to understand the athlete's goals and challenges. From there, the sports psychologist collaborates with the athlete to set goals, engage in counselling sessions, and practice mental skills through homework and ongoing support. Regular evaluation and adjustments ensure progress toward enhanced performance and well-being.

Our sports psychologists are highly qualified professionals with advanced degrees in psychology, specializing in sports psychology. Additionally, they have extensive experience working with athletes across various sports disciplines and competitive levels, providing tailored support to meet individual needs effectively.

Scheduling a consultation or accessing our sports psychology services is simple. You can reach out to us through our website or contact us directly via phone or email to book an appointment.

Sports psychologists play a crucial role in helping athletes enhance their performance, cope with performance pressure, and maintain their mental well-being. They work closely with athletes to address various psychological factors impacting performance, such as anxiety, confidence issues, motivation, and concentration. Sports psychologists use a range of techniques including visualization, goal setting, relaxation strategies, and cognitive restructuring to help athletes develop mental skills and overcome performance challenges.

AMP by Mpower’s team of Sports Psychologists comprises qualified and experienced sports psychologists in India. They are among the best sports psychologists in India with a thorough academic qualification and diverse clinical work experience.

Sports psychology can be broadly categorised into two main branches - performance enhancement and mental health and well-being. Performance enhancement focuses on helping athletes optimise their performance through mental skills training. Sports psychologists also address issues such as stress management, anxiety, depression, burnout, and coping with injuries, by offering holistic mental health support.

The ideal degree for becoming a sports psychologist typically involves a strong foundation in psychology through Undergraduate studies, combined with specialised training in sports psychology at a Master's and Doctorate levels.

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