Terms and Conditions.

  1. Frequency of sessions is decided according to the needs and the unique situation of each Client. We generally suggest starting counselling with regular weekly appointments. Once some progress has been made, visits may be less frequent and spaced out over a larger period of time.
  2. If the insurance provider requires clinical notes, the Client / NR will be asked to sign a ‘Disclosure Consent Form’ to disclose information.
  3. Mpower shall reschedule an online Session in case any Sessions are disrupted due to any technical concerns at Mpower's end. It shall be the responsibility of the Client to ensure all arrangements including IT hardware, software, internet, power etc. requirements at their end to connect with MPower on an agreed video meeting platform. The Online Sessions shall be deemed completed even in case the Client is unable to avail the Sessions partly or fully, for technical issues at Clients end.
  4. The Client / NR is required to Sign the terms and conditions of the Referral form, contents of the Referral form have been explained to the Client / NR in a language that they understand. After reading/listening to and understanding all of the above, the Client / NR hereby expressly consent for face to face and / or online sessions via video meeting platforms, by Mpower, as per the terms and conditions as hereinabove mentioned, without having been subjected to coercion, undue influence or intimidation to undertake treatment at Mpower, after adequately understanding and considering the information and procedure for undergoing treatment along with an understanding of anticipated risks involved, if any. The Client / NR understand that they have the freedom to withdraw from these sessions at any time they wish. The Client understands that the psychotherapist / Psychiatrist at Mpower would use their professional discretion to provide required recommendations about the type of professional service that may be required at any given point of time. Hence, the Client / NR shall not hold Mpower liable for any adverse events, such as lack of improvement, deterioration or situations of potential risk of harm to self or others or for any act or omission which shall directly or indirectly affect the health of the Client.