Our academic vertical seeks to equip society with the tools and skills necessary to handle mental health crisis scenarios, to move towards empathy, to build capacity for mental health professionals, and to create a sound ecosystem for those with mental health concerns to not just live, but thrive.

In order to share scientific knowledge, impart clinical skills, and enhance best practices related to capacity building of mental health professionals, Mpower has partnered with ECHO Trust, India to deliver academic training to remotely located mental health professionals.

Mpower and ECHO are aligned in their aim to revolutionize mental health education and increase workforce capacity, while reducing health disparities.

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When our school introduced Minds Matter Health Curriculum to us, I was so excited to know more about this curriculum and its impact on me. I was very curious to know how my mind impacts my health. Through the sessions, I started understanding the importance of mental health and how I can take care of the mental health of mine and the people around me. Learnings from these sessions are so helpful for me in my personal and academic development. In many ways, learnings from these sessions are helping me. I came to know my strengths, know myself better, strengthen my coping mechanisms, become more aware about myself, able to take care of my physical and mental health on a daily basis, explored my self-Identity, able to concentrate better, can keep myself motivated and so on. I feel more positive, calm, relaxed, and confident nowadays. Thank you everyone for such an insightful curriculum.
Rudraa Vasava, Class 6/A , The Aditya Birla Public School, Kharach

The Minds Matter Module aligns with our school’s vision of holistic education as it has given a boost to our learning environment which aims to foster the social, emotional, and overall well-being of our students. This initiative has created a safe and open platform for our students to discuss about aspects of socio-emotional learning in a respectful manner and promotes self-awareness. Our children look forward to these classes and are growing to be confident and competent learners. We are truly indebted to the team!
Panicker, Head-Counsellor, Jayshree Periwal International School, Jaipur, Rajasthan