De stress the stressors of life. Seek help from a mental health counsellor near you.

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‘Was that me? How could I behave so whimsically? It is not me... What will others think of me... I should behave in a particular way… Ehh… Who am I...? No, I have to complete the work before the deadline… Do people love me...? I am so overworked and burdened... What should I do? Am I going crazy... Do I need to call up the mental health helpline?’

We are living with a fast-paced lifestyle of juggling multiple-roles, the need to achieve multiple targets in a short-span of time creates a kind of imbalance leading to high levels of stress and negative emotions we experience in life. Hence, it is very important to take a break and find out what kind of food we are feeding our minds. It is essential to acknowledge our positive and negative emotions, venting out pent up emotions in an appropriate way, learning to handle adversities with a balanced state of mind.

“I am on a new diet where you eat everything and pray for a miracle”.

In essence we need to put efforts to actually de-stress the stressors of life and can’t wait for a miracle to happen. Hence approaching a mental health counsellor at the right time can prove to be of help to handle the stressors of life with a balanced state of mind.

So, let us first understand what Stress is, is it good or bad, how to handle it?

Weiten and Lloyd describe stress “as any circumstances that threaten or are perceived to threaten one’s well-being and thereby tax one’s coping abilities”

In simple words stress can be explained as any disturbance one faces at a mental or bodily level as the individual is unable to cope with the circumstances one is surrounded with and feels hopeless about the situation.

Stress is an inevitable part of our lifestyle and it can be caused due to small crisis situations or major crisis situations. A small situation like reaching late to an event due to traffic or painful events of life like pandemics, wars, accidents, loss of a loved one etc. causes much stress.

Stress in an individual’s life has its own part to play and is not always bad. In fact, stress acts as a motivator in an individual's life to perform better. Hence if an individual learns to bring a balance then one can easily de stress the stressors of life.

Any factor that causes stress is a stressor and it can be either categorized into Eustress or Distress.

Eustress is a healthy stress that helps an individual to perform better in life and motivate them to achieve their goals.

Distress is an unhealthy stress that results in negative consequences and hampers the progress of an individual. It can have an impact on our mind as well as body.

Hence it is important for every individual to approach a Mental health counsellor when the stressors of life go off the balance.

There are few signals that an individual should be mindful about that one may be experiencing stress and can reach out to a mental health helpline or for psychological consultation:

  • Getting into fights and arguments with friends and family
  • Experiencing lot of mood swings
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Feeling low and no joy in life.
  • Being constantly tense and worried.

The support of a qualified and a trained mental health counsellor plays a vital role in being accommodative and fighting out the stressful situation or an event in an individual's life.

Sometimes just venting out your emotions in a structured way can help you deal with these stressors effectively.

A mental health counsellor can help you effectively deal with these stressors with the help of a variety of techniques and therapies.

The MIND TECHNIQUE could be one of the beneficial tools in de stressing the stressors of life.
M- Meditate
Take a few deep breaths and compose oneself.

I- Identify
Reflect and identify the stressors that hamper your progress and ask useful questions to your mind in order to make an action plan to achieve a balanced state of mind.

N- Nurture
Nurture and empower yourself with positive thoughts to accept the stressors and fight with it to destress your stressors of life.

D- Do
Act on it.


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