5 mental wellbeing habits to teach your child today. Best child mental health therapist or psychiatrist or psychologist in Bangalore.

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Quotes about Children's mental health (27 quotes)


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What is child’s mental health?

Mental health in childhood means reaching developmental and emotional milestones, and learning healthy social skills and how to cope when there are problems.

Mental health in children is an essential part of overall health. Mental health has a complex interactive relation in their physical health and their ability in succeeding in school, at work and in society. How one feels and act on the inside and the outside is the influence of both physical and mental health.

Every parent expects to have a healthy and a happy child. Parents go extra miles when comes it comes to their child’s health, parents try do their best to keep their child healthy. Child can be physically healthy with physical exercise and eating right but what can parents do to make sure they are just as fit mentally? Parents generally miss on child’s good mental health. What can parents do for their child’s mental well-being.

Here are few parenting tips to boost up child’s mental wellbeing!


1. Giving attention, talking or listening to your child makes parents understand a lot more than just giving them all comfort without knowing if child needs it or not. Building conversation about child’s friends, teachers and activities they did with their friends and in school will help you to understand your child better as well as how are they coping with their day to day life. Discussing and spending time with your child would help in giving support and advice where ever appropriate. Spending quality time with your child will make them feel that they are important to you. Spend some fun time with activities like watching movies, playing games with your child that they enjoy would help in child’s mental well-being.


Constant encouragement helps the child to stay motivated and makes them curious to learn. Parents should not fail to praise their children.

Children are rarely praised for good behaviour but often reprimanded for bad behaviour, which makes the child insecure and discouraged. Parents should practice praising their child at every minute opportunity.

Parents should correct their child’s wrong behaviour with appropriate explanations and actions. When disciplining your child, avoid using words like lazy, naughty or stupid as such phrases do not reinforce what acceptable behaviour is.

Telling them that you love them but do not agree with their behaviour can make them more mindful of their actions.


Parents should explore child’s strengths and weakness. Encouraging children to explore different activities and hobbies helps them to know their strengths which helps in their mental well-being. Children can be taught that every person have different strength and are good at something which helps them to explore new things.

Parents should teach children to remain optimistic and positive when facing difficulties. This would lead to self-confidence and boost up their self-esteem. Can recover from failures and setbacks and continue be motivated and work hard if taught to be optimistic and positive.

Parents should avoid comparisons that makes them feel like a failure when they not able to achieve. Child morale goes low and self-worth goes lower which makes them feel less motivated to do their best. Instead, children should be praised and acknowledged for the efforts they had put in and also parents can guide them achieve things step by step where ever necessary.


Encourage physical activity for good mental health.

Physical health and good mental health are strongly correlated. Child should be encouraged to get enough rest, drink enough water, eat right, exercise regularly and get some sunlight. These steps are all great ways to boost child’s energy, mood and mental health.


Spending time with your children by engaging in relaxing meaningful activities and fun activities, visiting places of recreations like exercising together, going to museums, park, a garden, waterparks or resorts, etc. helps in child’s mental wellbeing. Encourage to a hobby like writing, reading learning a musical instrument, cooking, listening to music, or whatever interests. Parents can encourage child to make friends and share a bond with their friends which can help them to have trust with other person. Having friends in life makes life less stressful if one has right friends. Parents should also encourage child to do something enjoyable activities with their friends. It may be playing outdoors with friends, having sleepovers, play dates or listening to music would give them healthy mental health. One can also teach them to relax by getting them to close their eyes and think of happy thoughts – like a day by the beach or playing with friends. By practicing these small steps, along with child’s mental health parents will also be improving their mental health.

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