What are the signs of stress in a child? Find a child psychologist in Kolkata.

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Stress is a word; we generally do not associate with children. Stress is generally considered as body and mind’s reaction to challenges and demands, but adults sometimes fail to see the challenges of life children are facing. When a child faces new challenges of life, different child reacts to it differently. Some amount of stress is important, as they pave the way towards development, but excessive stress can have a detrimental effect, so it’s important for us to know factors which can be stressful to children and how to recognise them.

Factors leading to childhood stress

  • ✓ Unable to cope with Academic Pressure: The academic performance of a student plays a crucial role in deciding the next stage of their education, which in turn shapes their career. An excess of academic stress during this stage can result in adverse effects that are far-reaching and prolonged.
  • ✓ Excessive Parental Expectations:In the world of cut-edge competition, Students are constantly pushed to the edge by their parents to build a bright future and succeed in life. However, the enormous pressure on the students not only hinders their growth and learning but leads to increased stress and anxiety. Sometimes parents want their children to be all-rounder, leading to focusing upon multiple activities like painting, swimming, table- tennis leading to increase in stress for children.
  • ✓ Bullying:A child facing any kind of bullying by his/her classmates, seniors or teachers for the matter of fact can face extreme level of stress and that can lead to mental health issues. Now, it is important to clarify what is bullying, Bullying is an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behaviour that intends to cause physical, social and/or psychological harm. When a group of children make fun of a child, or teacher repeatedly shame a child in front of his classmates, an overweight child get fat shamed by seniors, they all come under the heading of bullying.
  • ✓ Conflicted Family Environment: Family plays a huge role in determining the level of stress in a child’s life. Children coming from family with parents fighting amongst each other, divorced or separated face prolonged stress. This kind of prolonged stress can have detrimental effect on their mental health.

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  • ✓ Changing schools, moving, or dealing with housing problems can be reason for stress in childhood.
  • ✓ Child sexual abuse:Sexual abuse is any sexual contact between a child and an adult, or using a child for sexual purposes. It's often done by someone the child knows and trusts. Sexual abuse can have multiple physical and mental health complications and cause immense stress for the child. Dealing with the aftermath of sexual abuse can be difficult as they can lead to certain level of stigma in the society we live in.

For a parent it is extremely important to recognise the signs of stress in a child. Sometimes children themselves don’t understand what they are going through, or they cannot express their situations to parents adequately, so it is important to be observant. The signs manifested due to stress are:
  • ✓ Significant change in behaviour: Any kind of change in behaviour should be taken seriously, and given much importance
  • ✓ Academic deterioration
  • ✓ Complaints regarding physical health, like headache, tummy ache, without any physical reason
  • ✓ Clinging to adults more than before
  • ✓ Difficulties in sleeping and eating
  • ✓ Decreased interest in playing and engaging in playful activities
  • ✓ Sadness, enhanced crying spells
  • ✓ Nightmares
  • ✓ Being withdrawn or aggressive
  • ✓ Manifesting new fears like, being afraid staying alone, afraid of darkness

If any of the activities are noticed, it is crucial for the parents to communicate and spend time with the child. If the problems persist for a longer period of time, mental health professional should be consulted. Find the best child psychologist in Kolkata. If the anxiety, distress is high, it’s better to seek help from professionals like Child psychologists. Child psychologist is a person with degree or diploma in clinical psychology. They should have enough experience in working with child population. Child Psychologist could be found in hospitals or mental health establishments. Multispecialty also have clinical psychologist. One can use personal reference to look for clinical psychologist in Kolkata. Google is a one stop solution for everything. One can search on google for finding out “Child Psychologist” in “Kolkata”. On google, feedback and ratings are also available, so it is advisable to check the ratings or feedback given by others for reference. Please help your child in every possible way. You can learn more about the best child psychologists in Kolkata here- https://mpowerminds.com/ourteam

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