Find out if you are at-risk of a mental health breakdown. Find best therapy services in Kolkata

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Find out if you are at-risk of a mental health breakdown. Find best therapy services in Kolkata

The mind is the framework that holds our entire existence together. A misbalance or disruption in the set-up can cause all the different and interconnected aspects of our lives to come crashing down like a pile of dominoes! Know where you can find the best therapy services in Kolkata

Symptoms vary from person to person, chiefly because the root cause is varying in different cases. “Emotional breakdown” is thus a general term and is often used to describe someone suffering from depression, anxiety, frequent panic attacks or acute stress disorder.

The following are signs to watch out for……if you notice these symptoms in either yourself or your loved ones, then consider that they are probably going through a tough time and will more than likely require professional help to deal with the same.

  • Sleepless/disturbed sleep
  • Illusions (mistaking what you see/hear/feel to be something else)
  • outbursts of anger – often without obvious cause.
  • Periods of acute panic
  • Low mood, loss of hope, feelings of worthlessness, thoughts of death or suicide
  • Heightened tension
  • Frequent usage of alcohol, tobacco and illicit substances
  • Self-harming behaviour such as mutilation and burning skin
  • Detachment from reality and a loss of sense of self.
  • Believing someone is watching or out to get you
  • Traumatic flashbacks of past incidents
  • Isolation, withdrawing from family, friends and colleagues.
  • avoiding of social events.
  • Withdrawal from responsibilities
  • Worsening of hygiene and self-care
  • Eating unhealthily and/or irregularly, including binge eating.
  • A general loss of interest in life
  • Physical symptoms including dizziness, upset stomach, muscle tension, chest tightness and/or pain, high blood pressure, sweatiness, clammy hands, trembling or shaking, and difficulty breathing

Can a mental health breakdown be avoided?

Yes! A mental health breakdown can both be avoided and tackled effectively. Here are the steps you can take…

  1. Consider visiting a mental health professional (i.e. Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist)
  2. Physical exercise
  3. Meditation and yoga
  4. Spend time with people who give you positive vibes and uplift you
  5. Journaling or expressing emotions
  6. Eat healthy and have a routine for every task of the day
  7. Make yourself a top priority in your life

You can find mental health services in Kolkata at the below address.

Unit N210A-211, 2nd Floor,
North Block, Ideal Plaza,
11/1, Sarat Bose Road
Kolkata 700020
+91 90735 55522

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