What are the branches of psychiatry and what are the signs you need a psychiatric consultant? Psychiatric consultant in Kolkata.

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What are the branches of psychiatry and what are the signs you need a psychiatric consultant?

A medical doctor who has specialized in the field of mental health is known as a Psychiatrist. A Psychiatrist works along the following level-

Thus, in order to practice as a Psychiatrist in India, one must complete their schooling with bio-science and then enrol for an MBBS degree following which they receive their MCI licence and further pursue either a degree or diploma in Psychiatric medicine.

Types of Psychiatry-

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry-The child and adolescent psychiatrist is a specialist who works in the area of diagnosis and treatment of problems in thinking, feeling and/or behaviour in children, adolescents, and resulting issues in their environment . A child and adolescent psychiatrist provides families with information about their child’s current issues, the medical indications and helps the child effectively manage their distresses whilst providing parenting training.

The child and adolescent psychiatrist uses their training in biological, psychological, and social factors while working with child clients. A detailed diagnostic examination is conducted to determine the current issue with special attention to its physical, developmental, genetic, cognitive, emotional, educational, familial, peer, and other social aspects. The child and adolescent psychiatrist comes to a diagnosis and determines the factors resulting in the issues which helps the family have a clearer picture of the problem. The doctor then designs an effective plan which considers all the aspects and several recommendations along with required medicines) are provided.

Often the child as well as the family may be asked to get involved in psychotherapy; other medical doctors such as Paediatrician or professionals from schools, Occupational therapists or Speech therapists may need to be involved for holistic care. Child and adolescent psychiatrists may thus be required at multiple organizations (such as schools, juvenile courts and NGOs.)

Adult Psychiatry-General or Adult psychiatrists usually treat people who are in“working age”, with a wide range of disorders, including (but not limited to) organic brain disorders, psychoses, mood disorders and personality disorders. They work closely with other agencies within mental health. The psychiatrist works as an integral part of the team

  • Geriatric Psychiatry-Geriatric psychiatry focuses on the biological and psychological aspects of aging, the emotional turmoil due to acute and chronic illness, and the psychosocial impairments caused by mental distress. Geriatric psychiatrists focus on preventing, evaluating, diagnosing and treating of mental and emotional distresses in the elderly and improvement of their qualities of life.

Delirium, is a state of acute confusion and is one of the most common conditions in the elderly. It may be observed in people who are already ailing from severe physiological conditions or even post-surgery. Delirium is also common in long term assisted living facilities such as old age homes. Diagnosis of delirium has improved with the use of bedside screening tools which addresses common symptoms such as- disorganized thought, altered level of consciousness, inattention, disorientation, impaired memory, etc. identifying the presence and causal factor/s almost always results in successful reversal of the condition.

Geriatric Psychiatrists also offer treatment and support to dementia patients and their families/caregivers at every stage of the disease. Older people may be experiencing “senior moments” and who fear serious decline of brain functions, may also visit us to determine whether they are dealing with normal aging, cognitive changes of depression, or other conditions.

Depression is also another major issue in older adults, both among those in the hospital/assisted living or at home. Older adults have slightly higher the suicide and also have a higher rate of different types of depression. In case of severe depression, older adults may refuse food and drinks, which is a psychiatric-medical emergency and requires immediate intervention.

  • Forensic Psychiatry-Forensic psychiatry that deals with issues arising due to the link between mental health and the law, and is often applied in case of criminal offenders. Modern forensic psychiatry deals with four main areas: the relationship between mental illness and criminality; the application of clinical interview and assessments to define legal insanity; the new modes of treatment of mental illnesses other than incarceration (such as rehabilitation); and changing the attitudes and perceptions of mental illness in society.
  • Addiction Psychiatry-An addiction psychiatrist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of substance dependence/abuse and the emotional issues that precede or proceed it. Addiction psychiatrists treat people of any and all ages who use illicit substances such as various drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications. The chronic ill-effects of substance usage may be further complicated by coexisting mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. The addiction Psychiatrist is thus a crucial component in de-addiction centres as they treat substance dependence with medication and in association with the Clinical/de-addiction Psychologist who uses therapeutic approaches (either individual or group therapy). In certain cases, such as for job recruitments, if the person has previous history of addiction, then they may need to be evaluated to make sure that they are currently free of any such usage of illicit substances.

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