What triggers fear of loss? Steps to overcome this fear. Seek help from a psychologist/psychotherapist in Mumbai.

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People who once were close, seem to slowly pass
Lands have become barren, where there was once beautiful green grass.
Life feels as empty as space
No way can be seen, only haze.
- Akshata

When we think of loss the first thing that comes to our mind is the loss due to death. However, loss can be a lot of things. And the fear of this loss is apparent in most of our minds. This fear of loss can be triggered by the anxiety that has been associated with many events happening in our everyday life. It can be fear of loss of passion, a fear of loss of your ambition, may be even fear of loss of self-confidence or even fear of losing a person by reasons other than death.

Few common causes that may build fear of loss in us are death of a loved one, separation including divorce, betrayal, war, cheating, insecurity, hereditary, illness or some other mental illnesses like depression. This fear impacts our behaviours as well. This fear of this loss can creep in our head before taking an action and sometimes after the action is taken, e.g. resigning from a very frustrating job. This fear of losing comes also from our realization, learning or awareness (whatever we want to call it) of everything comes to an end. And most of the time we try to avoid it. In any case this fear is very unpleasant and suffocating.

However, it cannot be denied that amongst the very common fear of loss is the fear of loss of a loved one due to death. This has increased now especially in these two years of Pandemic. The uncertainty related to this Pandemic has only increased by the day. The more we think about it the worse it gets. And when it gets worse all the symptoms of Anxiety are evident. These symptoms include, excessive sweating and worrying, with worrying comes illogical and irrational thoughts, indigestion, changes in sleeping and eating patterns. In some cases, it may lead to Panic attacks as well. This fear of loss is not only seen in adults, but like other mental illnesses, it does not discriminate between young, adult and old, or caste, class and gender.

It is not easy to overcome this fear, however, it isn’t impossible as well. It may seem like an ongoing battle every time. But, we got this. We can do it.

We can start by recognizing the root cause of the fear, like is it the fear of loneliness or the fear that we may not be able to handle things. Giving it a thought may bring us to terms with how to deal with it. It will help us find ways which will aid us in dealing with this core feeling. It will also help us practice the next step that is to show compassion to ourselves i.e. Self-compassion as we know it. It is just like showing compassion to someone else by giving the issue a different point of view. It is one step in building resilience and overcoming the fear.

What we can also do in any case of fear of loss is be aware and seek help whenever necessary. Yes, there is help available to overcome this fear.

We will see a considerable amount of people spreading awareness about how to recognize and overcome these fears, which a lot of times, rule our lives. One such organization which has taken a step forward to spread awareness, not only about the fear of loss but also about Mental Health and mental health services in Mumbai is Mpower. Mpower Centre is based in Mumbai and is also operating from Bangalore & Kolkata. This is one place where we can find any psychological consultation in Mumbai and other mental health services from the best psychiatrists and psychologists in Mumbai at affordable rates. All we need to do here is take a step forward and reach out. As the quote by Judy Blume rightly states:

"Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it."
-Judy Blume

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