Best Psychiatrists and Mental Health Clinics in Mumbai

Best Psychiatrists and Mental Health Clinics in Mumbai

Who is a psychiatrist?
Psychiatrists are doctors who specialize in psychiatry – the branch of medicine that relates to mental health. They are medical experts who focus on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental health and related conditions. Psychiatrists have knowledge and training in mental and physical health and specialize in understanding how the two are connected. At Mpower Mumbai, we have psychiatrists that have extensive experience with children, adolescents, adults and older adults.

What is a psychiatric session?
A psychiatric consultation is a comprehensive evaluation with a psychiatrist. During the session, the psychiatrist will ask questions and gather information regarding medical, mental, physical and behavioral concerns. Based on this information, the psychiatrist will also develop a treatment plan. This may include a -
- diagnosis or identification of a mental health condition,
- prescription for medication to manage symptoms and/or
- referral to other health professions for further treatment

Who is a psychologist?
Psychologists are therapists who specialize in psychology - the study of the human mind and behavior. They are mental health professionals who focus on using different forms of therapy to help clients understand themselves better, manage their symptoms and cope with challenging situations.
At Mpower, we have psychologists that have extensive experience with children, adolescents, adults and older adults.

What is a therapy session?
A therapy session is a collaborative meeting between a client and a psychologist. During the first few sessions, the therapist and client will identify goals related to mental health, emotional wellness, behavioral changes, self-exploration, relationship issues, family dynamics, symptom management etc. Following the initial sessions, the therapist and client will use different forms of therapy to achieve these goals. Due to the unique nature of therapy, each client’s process may look different.
At Mpower, we have the option of individual sessions, family/group sessions and couple sessions.

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What are the allied therapies offered?
At Mpower, we offer a host of allied therapists including – occupational therapy, remedial therapy, speech and language therapy, dance movement therapy and music therapy. These therapies are all provided by specialized professionals who have experience working with clients of varied ages. Based on specific needs, clients will be referred to allied therapists.

What is the holistic care approach?
This approach, helps a mental health professional to consider and understand all aspects of an individual’s life - the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and mental. At Mpower, all the mental health practitioners work towards providing holistic care to improve the client’s experience.

What is multidisciplinary care?
This is when professionals from different disciplines come together to deliver comprehensive care to the client. At Mpower, we have many professionals under one roof and therefore are able to provide integrated care to our clients.

This means that you can be working with multiple professionals on our team. For example, at Mpower Mumbai a child can receive their ADHD diagnosis and relevant prescription medications from the psychiatrist, engage in play therapy for emotional regulation with a psychologist and also work on remedial education with a special educator.

This is greatly beneficial for clients, as all the professionals they are working with can collaborate and work towards the same goals so as to help the client best.

Where to find the best Psychiatrist & metal health clinic in Mumbai:

1/155, 15, Nyaymurti Sitaram
Patkar Marg, Khareghat
Colony, Hughes Road,
Mumbai - 400 007.
+91 22 2385 6228,
+91 97028 00044

Occupational Therapist, Mpower - The Centre
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