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What is Psychiatric Counselling There is a lot of confusion about whom to approach when someone is going through a Mental health issue. Should they approach a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist and what is the difference? Psychiatry and Psychology are complementary professions which both deal with Mental health and its effect on thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Both professionals work together to help people recognize, treat and prevent Mental health related problems. But there are differences between the two professions.

Why should one person avail psychiatrist counselling in Mumbai

Psychiatrists are Medical doctors who have trained for 5.5 years to gain their M.B.B.S degree followed by specialization in Psychiatry for 3 years to gain their Masters degree or 2 years for their diploma degree. A psychiatrist is trained to differentiate mental health problems from other underlying medical conditions that could present with psychiatric symptoms.

They have a holistic approach taking into account physiological concerns, neurological symptoms, and psychiatric history along with other medical problems for complete treatment. Being a medical doctor, Psychiatrists can prescribe medications for mental health issues as and when appropriate depending upon the severity, chronic nature and type of illness. Sometimes medication alone is enough to treat mental illness.

Sometimes a combination of medication and psychotherapy or counselling is needed. If that is the case, the psychiatrist may provide the psychotherapy, or the psychiatrist may refer you to a psychologist.

In cases of Mental health conditions, it is very important that you build a rapport with your Psychiatrist and by that I mean that you feel that you can trust your doctor, feel that your concerns were taken seriously, you feel heard and that your wishes are being respected.

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A good psychiatrist is someone who has good listening and observation skills along with ability to empathise with you, spends time to explain the diagnosis as well as treatment plan giving you a rationale about the decisions taken. Ideally your wishes and choices should be respected unless there is a strong reason like risk to self or others wherein your wishes maybe overridden because the priority of any medical professional is to keep you safe.

A Psychiatrist should be knowledgeable but at the same time be aware of their own limitations. As a Child Psychiatrist, I often tell the parents who come to see me that I maybe an expert in the field of Child Psychiatry but they are and will remain the ‘expert’ in relation to their children as they know their child better than I profess to know. So ideally any treatment plan should be made in collaboration with you because there is no one size fits all and what works for one may not work for another.

One more common question I get asked since starting of the pandemic is how I manage to consult with people online?

Telemedicine is permitted by the Medical Council of India as well as the Maharashtra Medical Council given the current scenario. There was some scepticism at the start of the pandemic about online consultations but now has become the norm where both the Psychiatrists as well clients are feeling more confident as well as comfortable to consult with a Psychiatrist online. In fact some of my clients have found the whole experience so easy to navigate that now this that become their preferred mode of consultation.

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It always helps to be open and transparent about any potential drawbacks and work around any roadblocks so we at Mpower understand that technical glitches may come in the way so we have become more flexible with our approach but the main thing is help is available.

Where can you avail of Psychiatry Counselling in Mumbai
Mpower- The Centre , Hughes road
1/155, 15, Nyaymurti Sitaram
Patkar Marg, Khareghat
Colony, Hughes Road,
Mumbai - 400 007.
+91 22 2385 6228,
+91 97028 00044

Mpower - The foundation, Tardeo
22B, Vasantrao N Naik Marg,
Opp. Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo,
Mumbai - 400 007.
+91 22 2386 8650,
+91 22 2387 5147,
+91 81087 99299

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Sapna Bangar
Psychiatrist & Head: Mpower - The Centre
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