Top 5 New Year's resolutions to improve your mental health.

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  1. Seeking mental health help from a professional is just as normal as going to a general physician from a fever or stomach-ache.

    De-stigmatization should ideally have its source within us! People tend to dramatize or vilify that which is not easily visible or physically tangible. As a society, we have mostly grown up observing others fearing the concept of mental health, so it is understandable if an unconscious part of us still fears being labelled and cast aside for psychological distresses.

    If you think you could be depressed or going through a mental stress, seek help.
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  3. I have the right to maintain distance from any person/s or situation/s that brings me repeated/significant stress or negativity.

    Self-care is a primary responsibility of every human being and self-preservation is an important aspect of it. There are several elements in our immediate environment that have the potential to disturb our mental peace and stability. Some of those issues can be worked through/resolved and others we may learn to live with. However, when neither of the aforementioned strategies are possible, then we must consider the stricter approach and make the difficult decision to cut the irritating element from our lives.
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  5. I don’t have to justify taking time for myself or for indulging in self-motivating practices.

    Relaxation or self-care is needed to recharge us and make us ready for the next day. It may unfortunately be deemed as a leisure instead of the necessity it is. We need to remind ourselves that as long as we are clear about the purpose to ourselves, justification to others is optional and essentially unimportant.
  6. I will treat the past as a wise old teacher and guide instead of making it my captor and tormentor

    The past can neither be changed nor denied. Yet, living in the past prevents us from enjoying life as it is, keeping us away from the here and now. The past consists of memories and experiences both of which guide us to create an estimation of what worked out and how and what didn’t and why.
  7. I will always acknowledge even the smallest of achievements and never underestimate my accomplishments by giving credit to luck alone.

    Attributing the entirety of our success to chance or luck alone is an unhealthy and self-invalidating practice. While chance factor is present in every aspect of life, it’s power and influence is limited and does not surpass the contribution of human effort.

    If you are looking for mental health services, please reach out to the nearest centre.

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