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Intimate relationships make up the heart of our lives. Our partners help us feel safe and calm and essentially serve the purpose of regulating our emotions. However, in bad relationships, we can end up feeling insecure, hurt, anxious and bored. Here are a few reasons to consider couple counselling -

1. The slightest trigger escalates into a huge fight.
Most often when we are harbouring hurt inside from a time we weren’t able to fully express and resolve an issue with our partner, it becomes easier to react with anger.

2. You find yourself frequently shutting down or withdrawing from your partner.
Just like some of us react with anger when we’re hurt, some of us tend to withdraw or shut down to protect ourselves. It is absolutely ok to withdraw but having extended periods of withdrawal with or without any conversation to resolution, can become extremely painful for both the partners.

3. Infidelity
It can be extremely hurtful to choose to work things out in a relationship after one partner has undergone an emotional injury. Therapy helps to facilitate forgiveness and rebuild trust.

4. Taking the next step forward together
Whether partners take the next step to live in together, get married or have a baby, therapy can provide a space to initiate conversations about making these decisions, process many significant changes together and address differences in an adaptive way.

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5. Facing problems with physical intimacy
There can be a lot of shame and embarrassment associated with having conversations about sex, especially when you're having sexual issues. Therapy can provide a safe space to navigate and explore these issues without feeling rejected or escalating it into another fight.

6. Ending your relationship
It can be very difficult to deal with the grief and hurt associated with the end of a relationship along with all the logistical issues that need to be addressed. Therapy can be extremely helpful at such a time.

7. Going through a difficult time together
Our lives are full of stressors - some are easier to handle and some can pose as life events. Going through grief together, wanting to help your partner with their mental health issues, unemployment or a health crisis are all very valid reasons to seek couple therapy.

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