Dating among Colleagues- Pros and Cons

Pros and cones of office romance

One of the foremost common places where individuals create a romantic attraction to others is at work. In reality, a survey appeared that one out of three colleagues conceded to a working environment relationship.

Associates spend nearly 20-60 hours per week together. Justifiably, an attraction would create. A few places of work have rules that forbid their representatives from dating associates. Be that as it may, when a relationship or dating does happen between two colleagues, it can show a category of issues.

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Before making any choices, consider looking at the pros and cons of dating a co-worker.

Pros of dating a colleague -

Building up rapport becomes easy-

If you have met someone at a coffee shop, you would require multiple dates to break the ice, and creating a bond would take up more time. Whereas, at work, you meet the significant other every day. Thus, every day can become a lunch or a coffee date.


Associates get to know each other by chance and create an attraction from what they've learned while working with each other. They know how their strengths and weaknesses, their reactions to situations, and their behavior while they are under pressure or in a conflict-like situation. All these are crucial things to know about their potential partners.

The fervor of doing what you shouldn't create an adrenaline surge-

Indeed, in work environments where dating somebody you work with is precluded, the thought of doing it discretely turns a few individuals on or gets the adrenaline streaming. It can be an unsafe experience, but a few individuals flourish on taking the danger.

Work-life balance is better-

People work for long hours and often partners complain of not receiving enough time from each other. Work becomes a priority for some and they then keep their relationship at bay. This issue is likely not to be visible when you are dating your co-worker. You end up spending most of your time with your partner or at least seeing your partner being around you.

Now that we have discussed the pros of office romance let's come to the flip side of the coin, there may be certain disadvantages. Let’s have a look at it too!

Cons of dating a colleague-

Too much of anything can mess up -

Having said that rapport building and familiarity are catalyzed, once the newness of the relationship fades in, having too much familiarity and spending too much time can make the relationship less interesting. Meeting your partner now and then takes the charm from the bond. The newness of your love in the work environment steadily blurs out. And after, that unconsciously, sentiments of love are supplanted with the negative sentiments that crawl up lacking space within the relationship . You keep an eye on everything your partner is doing in the working environment and indeed the scarcest locate of your darling getting near another co-worker may start the fire of question in your intellect.

What if it turns into a breakup? -

Romancing the individual from your office may sound satisfying as you get to see the individual each day. However, it may turn into a bad dream in the event that the two break up. Breakups are truly terrible ; and once you have to see your ex each day, without any escape, the breakup harms are indeed more regrettable. In the event that the break-up came from your side, you'll be at the getting conclusion of unforgiving comments from your co-workers. The feeling of not needing to go to the office to confront your ex may crawl up and lead to awful execution in the work environment; eventually influencing your career.

There is no escape-

Envision you have got a little battle along with your partner. Work is one of the finest ways to elude the fight and disregard approximately the battle. In any case, when your accomplice is within the same office as you, your sole elude is additionally grabbed absent from you. Individual battles will be carried on to the office which may influence your work. The elude you felt work can be from the individual issues is not there. Going out at end of the week along with your accomplice, after a long week of work, would not be fun in the event that your accomplice is working within the same office with you.

You two can become a matter of gossip -

The greatest drawback of working environment sentiment is that your individual life is now not individual; it becomes the trade of the complete office. Rumor of your sentiment gets within the discussion and all of a sudden, your cherished life gets to be the hot talk of each individual. The environment gets to be tense with everyone talking and looking at the two of you. The ceaseless prodding and judgmental looks may drive fast wedges between you two adore winged creatures. In truth, office romance may make differences between you and your colleagues. In case a colleague is on terrible terms along with your would-be life accomplice, chances are the connection you share with him/her may turn acrid.

These were a few of the points of interest and impediments to romancing a colleague. Whereas several working environment sentiments lead to cheerful marriage, others may fair jeopardize the person’s career. So, don’t disregard examining the preferences and drawbacks of work environment sentiment before snaring up together with your co-worker.

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