Benefits of having a relationship Counsellor in Kolkata

Relationship Counsellor in Kolkata | Benefits of Counselling

Kolkata is a city which upholds a perfect juxtaposition between the old world and the modern one. Here the society is collectivistic and advocates social cohesion. Family plays a huge role in individual growth and well-being. In a society like that, overall mental well-being is reliant upon well sorted interpersonal relationships.

Relationship counselling is the specialised stream allocated for resolving conflicts between couples or between family members. In Kolkata, a close-knit family set-up provides lot of advisors among friends and family but professional help is very different from that. Relationship counsellors are trained psychologists possessing a degree or diploma in the stream. They not only try to the resolve issues at hand, but also analyse the root cause behind it. The main indicators for relationship counselling are: frequent arguments, silent relationships, physical violence, divorce /separation talks, lack of motivation to come back home, extra-marital relationships, suicidal threats or thoughts. The main benefits of having relationship counsellor are:

A.Providing non-judgemental environment In counselling sessions, counsellor provide secure and non-judgemental environment. Clients can discuss extremely personal problems like financial issues, family violence, sexual problems etc. without fear of stigma and judgement.

B.Providing assistance with Communication
Communication is integral part of any relationships. The common communication issues seen in relationships are

  • not communicating due to the fear of rejection or general discomfort with the other member
  • lack of communication from the fear that things will get worse if you delve deeper
  • expecting partner to be a mind reader
  • Giving different meanings to something simple
  • Too busy to find time for communicating
  • Lack of common interest
  • In a family counselling session, the communication pattern between family members/couples/parents and children are analysed and then the appropriate solution is provided.

    C.Finding out discrepancies between expectations of couple /family members
    Expectations in a relationship are subjective and can differ from person to person. When such expectations are not fulfilled then the relationship goes through bitterness, sadness and disappointment. In relationship counselling, the counsellor explores expectations and tries to find out if they are realistic or not. The focus remains towards what has been done rather than what is lacking in the relationship. If there is a lack of basic respect and compassion between partners/family members, such factors are delved into. Family counsellors try to achieve a balance between appreciation and expectation.

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    D.Providing Help with lack of perspective taking
    Perspective taking is the ability to see things from another person’s view and to better understand what he or she is thinking and feeling. Sometimes the spouse or family member fails to understand the other person’s perspective, their struggles and emotions. In a relationship counselling, the counsellor helps in developing perspective taking.

    E.Redefining Boundaries in Relationship
    In relationship, having proper boundaries are important. Few relationships are so enmeshed that it leaves very little scope for individual development. Need for possession, control can take away independence of another family member. That can lead to regular conflicts. Relationship sometimes can be very detached as well. Both the conditions are detrimental and in such cases counselling is absolutely necessary to redefine the boundaries.

    F.Dealing with Family Hierarchy
    It has been observed certain families have stark hierarchy. The power of decision making lies with the head of the family. In families with structure like that, some of the family members might feel neglected, sad, unimportant which can lead to several conflicts within the Family. In Family therapy, Counsellor tries to understand the family structure and tries to disperse the power of decision making.

    Relationship Counselling nurtures and protects one of this country’s most precious asset - FAMILY. It is never too early or too late for beginning of a relationship counselling. There is no shame in asking for help if we and any of our close ones are suffering. Ignore the stigma; be open, be honest, be prepared.

    Where to find the best relationship counselor in Kolkata:
    Unit N210A-211, 2nd Floor,
    North Block, Ideal Plaza,
    11/1, Sarat Bose Road
    Kolkata 700020
    +91 90735 55522

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    Debabani Bhattacharya
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