Relationship issues? Here's how couple counselling can help

Relationship issues? Here's how couple counselling can help

In this blog let us understand how couple counselling can help solve relationship issues.
Humans live and interact with each other forming relationships which might be short term or long term. Each interaction and relationship fulfils some need of the people that are part of it. Long term relationships in particular cater to several needs over a long duration of time. These relationships are romantic in nature, may be more committed in nature and there is a sense of stability in them.

However, there can be several problems that one may encounter while in a relationship. While most people do end up navigating through these problems, there are times that we may need some help or a different perspective before we are able to effectively deal with the problems. The hurdles may be external like certain behaviours or internal processes in our minds that we may not be aware of. These internal hurdles may also be difficult to identify as they may lie in our blind spot. The good news is that there is a scientifically proven effective option that can help us.

Couple counselling is a safe and secure space in which a couple can come together and express the concerns that they are facing in the relationship. The counsellor facilitates the process such that each person gets time to speak and express their concerns, share their view and understanding of the concerns expressed, express the challenges they may face individually in dealing with the concern and decide and work together towards a mutual goal that is helpful for the relationship.

The process of couple counselling constitutes of several techniques that facilitate the process of

  1. Identifying the hurdles and difficulties both external and internal
  2. Understanding each hurdle and difficulty through a scientific structure and view
  3. And working effectively on dealing with each of them.

The initial sessions would be used by the therapist to get to know each person in a better way. This would include the current mind set of the person, gathering of information from the past, growing years and childhood. This process may seem irrelevant at the time but it is important for the therapist to get to know both the people as much as possible as that would help the therapist observe and understand patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviour of each individual and the manner in which it impacts the dynamics of the relationship.

One of the most important aspects of couple counselling is that it provides a common ground where both people in the relationship get to voice their thoughts and feelings and at the same time when one is expressing the other person gets the opportunity to listen.

All the work is not restricted to the couple counselling sessions but extends beyond that in the form of exercises that can be done outside the space of therapy. These would be in the form of behavioural changes and changes in the manner of interaction. Once decided in the session the couple can practice these and come back in the next session to discuss the challenges and difficulty they may have encountered with their therapist.

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Goals that are mutually agreed upon by the couple are created and regular reviews are done to check the progress.
Role play may be used to help the couple get insight on the impact of how they interact and the patterns observed. Collaborative involvement to develop more helpful patterns of interaction can be worked upon in therapy.

The motivation to work with each other to deal with the problems faced in the relationship can be built through therapy and the awareness of how working together can help the quality of the relationship can be brought about in the process.

The best part is that couple counselling is not only restricted to couples who have problems in the relationship. Even couples who do not have a problem in their relationship can seek couple counselling to further enhance their experience and quality of the relationship than what is already present by gaining more insight, understanding and awareness.

To sum it up, a car has several components that interact with each other. When these components are responding to each other’s needs by performing their own functioning, the car works in a smooth manner but any component facing a problem and that may hamper the quality of the ride. Now we may be able to sort out most of these problems but there are times that we need to consult a professional mechanic to deal with these problems. But we also send our car for servicing when there is no problem, to maintain the overall health of the car.

That is how even couple counselling also works, where the problems that we may find challenging to deal with, are dealt with seeking the help of a professional counsellor. But couple counselling can also be helpful for the overall enhancement of the health and quality of the relationship.

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Vikram Kirtikar
Psychologist & Outreach Associate: Mpower – The Foundation
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