Advocating mental-healthcare at work? Which organizations provide workshops for employees’ mental wellbeing in Bangalore?

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One of the most indispensable thing to make progress we want and achieve the business goals that we strive for is Mental health. But we often take it for granted when things are good. And now, As Business continue to adjust according to the complex needs of post pandemic economy, the need to focus on mental health has become crucial.

Mental health concerns have increased since pandemic and with economic uncertainties, advocating for employee’s mental health must be most important policy for business moving forward.

Positive aspect in this situation is that everyone within a company can act to be an advocate for mental health. Firstly, its necessary to understand link between mental health and productivity and later explore ways in which the organization leaders, managers and employee alike can support mental health solutions in the workplace


Mental health is crucial factor if one has to increase productivity. We need to understand how mental health affects productivity in the workplace. There are many myths surrounding mental health and productivity and understanding them is necessary. Having mental health issue does not mean that a person can hold a job or it will forever impact the employee. Also it’s not something that has to be ignored and put aside and think that it will go away on its own.

Many organization and leaders ignore or avoid speaking regarding mental health because of the sensitivity and complexity of the issue. However, for smooth functioning of business practices it’s important to support employee and their mental health struggles. Mental health has huge impact on employee’s performance. Here are Some ways in which having mental health concerns can negatively impact work

  • Decline in work performance
  • Deterioration in appearance
  • Disconnected from others
  • Increased pessimism
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of motivation
  • Presenteeism.

While some employees hide their mental health concerns, others are not able to set their personal and mental health problems aside at workplace. Nor they should be expected to bottle it up. Each of each deal with mental health concerns in our ways and most important thing to remember is that we all are humans. Rather than avoiding these concerns we can help everyone maintain productivity by providing required support and resource.


So what does an organization or a company needs to do to begin to deal with these kinds of concerns. First most things that the company has to do is establish own credibility and credibility with their employees. In order to do that company leadership and managers need to revisit the values and the vision that they have for the organization under the current set of circumstances. They need to revise strategic plan to make them realistic and recognize that the company is dependent upon a healthy workforce and make commitment to the employee’s safety and wellbeing

The wellbeing of the team has to be on top most priority and here are some ways one can advocate for mental health in the workplace.


    Improving communication and being empathetic towards each other can give any team a sense of mutual trust and they can help each other resolve problems. Also this sense of trust allows the employees to reach out without being worried of the consequences or judgements. Such a work culture is essential to improve mental health.

    1. Don’t feel bad
    2. Don’t cry
    3. Try not to think about it
    4. Let’s talk about something else
    5. I know how you feel
    6. Its gods will
    7. It could be worse
    8. At least you still have

      These kinds of statements tend to minimize the employees experience and they will think that you don’t understand and diminish the importance that they place on it. They will not feel safe when talking about their concerns and it will have negative impact.


    Employee Appreciation can have positive effects on mental health and lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity.


    Lastly, one of the most important ways one can be a mental health advocate for your employees is to direct employees to a reliable internal and external resources from which they can get assistance from. To accommodate as many as needs possible, one need to diversify these resources. Links and list of providers, nonprofits, grants and all available tools should be available if one has to direct employees towards outside assistance.

You can improve and maximize the efficacy of the team by applying these components at your workplace. Healthy culture encourages open communication and this is very important to address and recognize issues that rise and it gives employee the sense of understanding they need to express their concern and challenges. Appreciating their efforts gives them greater sense of contribution and satisfaction which inspire and motivate them to work harder. But without right resources none of this is possible, hence build links and programs that employees can turn for support.


Encouraging a workplace free from stigma is need of the hour and can be powerful efficiency booster. People have difficulties to function fully when life circumstances and mental health concerns are bearing down. The pandemic has only worsened the existing mental health issues and we can see increase in mental health concerns.

To face this problematic environment, advocating for employee mental health is a practice that cannot be ignored. It’s necessary to support them with required resources and healthy communication is vital in maintain workplace productivity. Wellness leads to higher satisfaction which in turn results in less costly turnarounds, increases employee engagement and a team which is ready and equip with skills to problem –solve.

Its time is to abolish old notions of bottling up every mental and emotional concerns at the workplace. Instead we should embrace a healthy and supportive workplace that can respond effectively to employee’s needs. This will help us in building happier world who are more capable of taking on

To avail mental health services in Bangalore, please find your nearest centre.

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