The Evolution of Psychiatric Care in Delhi: A Look at Specialized Services

Evolution of Psychiatric Care in Delhi

Delhi is known as the melting pot of tradition and modernity. Being the capital of the country, Delhi has been well known for its quality health care services. It has gone through several changes as well. Along with physical health care, mental health care has also changed remarkably in this city.

People have come a long way from the days of hiding mental health concerns in silence. Today, Delhi offers a wide range of specialized services for those seeking support and healing.

Let's take a look at the history of mental health care in Delhi. It started with limited awareness of today's patient-centered approach with various specialized services.

In the past, people used traditional methods and meditation for mental health. As Delhi grew in importance, our understanding of mental health improved. British rule in the 19th century brought modern psychiatric care and mental health care facilities. Over time, society has changed, and people have realised the importance of mental health care.

Today, Delhi offers various treatments and therapies, showing how we've adapted and progressed in caring for mental health. Mpowe in Delhi is one of these pioneers.

Let's dive into what's happening now.

  1. Different Approaches
  2. In the past, mental health care was mostly about medicines and counseling. But today, it's much more. People in Delhi can choose from various services like talking therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and many more. These different options understand that mental health is about the whole person, and what works can vary from person to person. Mpower, a leading mental health centre in Delhi,, is at the forefront of this change. They have a team of experts in psychiatry, psychology, and therapy. They offer a wide range of services, from talking therapy to mindfulness. They use proven methods to provide the best care possible.

  3. Helping Kids and Teens with Mental Health
  4. In Delhi, we understand that children and teenagers have unique mental health needs. That's why we have special services just for them. With school stress, social problems, and peer pressure increasing, young people often need extra help.

    Mpower's child and adolescent mental health support services are here to help parents and guardians who are worried about their kids' mental health. Our centre is a safe and caring place where young people can talk about how they feel and get the right kind of help. Our team of child psychiatrists and therapists are experts in dealing with issues like ADHD, anxiety, and behavioural concerns. We're here to make sure that the young people of Delhi can get the best care they need.

  5. Geriatric Psychiatry in Delhi
  6. Delhi has a growing need for specialized mental health services for seniors. Aged people face unique challenges like

    • memory problems
    • feeling sad
    • being lonely
    Geriatric psychiatristsare experts who understand these issues and provide caring help to seniors in the city.

    Mpower's geriatric mental health services show their dedication to helping people of all ages. Their geriatric psychiatrists work hard to make life better for elderly people. They focus on checking everything and making personal plans to ease the mental health problems that often come with aging.

  7. Addiction Help in Delhi for Youth
  8. Many young people in Delhi deal with substance abuse and addiction problems. However, specialized mental health care services are highly beneficial for those struggling.

    Mpower's expert psychiatrists in Delhi are actively working to address substance abuse. They use a combination of medical treatment, therapy, and support groups to help people recover and avoid going back to addiction. They know that addiction is a complicated problem, and their team of addiction specialists is ready to provide personalized care.

  9. Cultural Competence and Transcultural Psychiatry in Delhi
  10. Delhi is a place with lots of different cultures, which means mental health care here has to deal with special challenges and opportunities. Transcultural psychiatry says it's really important to understand and be good at dealing with all these different cultures when giving mental health care.

    Mpower is really dedicated to this idea. They have a team of experts who can speak at least two languages and know a lot about the different cultures in Delhi. This way, every patient can get care that respects their own culture and values.

  11. 24/7 Helpline Support
  12. In this digital age, we have revolutionized psychiatry, making it accessible to the people of Delhi, even from afar. Mpower's 24/7 helpline services have proven invaluable, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when in-person visits were restricted.

    Mpower's 'One on One' Service in Delhi is offering a seamless and efficient way to access mental health care. Their platform connects you with the finest therapists in Delhi, all available online whenever you need them. As a result, seeking help and support for your mental health is now as easy as a tap on your screen.

    Our approach is not one-size-fits-all; instead, we are dedicated to tailoring our support to each individual's unique concerns. Our team is committed to providing the best possible care to anyone who seeks our assistance.


    In summary, Mpower is a shining example of progress in providing psychiatric and psychological care and mental health support in Delhi like remedial therapy, special education, and allied therapies. Their team of highly talented therapists is always ready to provide comprehensive care, specialized services for all age groups, and a culturally sensitive approach. They are setting a high standard for mental health care in the city. As Delhi keeps growing and changing, Mpower's commitment to building a mentally resilient society is commendable. Its role in shaping the future of psychiatric care in Delhi is undeniable.

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