What is Generalized anxiety disorder? Seek help from the best psychologist/psychiatrist in Mumbai.

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In 2017, 44·9 million people had anxiety disorders in India (The Lancet).
A report titled Let’s Talk (WHO,2017) found that generalized anxiety disorder impacts 38 million people in India.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still in full form, this estimate is also likely to have increased. It is very normal to experience anxiousness at some point - everyone experiences it differently but it is a part of being human, especially in times like this.

So What is Generalised anxiety disorder?

The American Psychological Association (APA) defines Generalized anxiety disorder as “excessive anxiety and worry about a range of concerns (e.g., world events, finances, health, appearance, activities of family members and friends, work, school) accompanied by such symptoms as restlessness, fatigue, impaired concentration, irritability, muscle tension, and disturbed sleep. For a formal diagnosis of GAD, the worry is often experienced as difficult to control, and the various symptoms that accompany the worry and anxiety occur on more days than not for a period of 6 months or more”.

Whilst everyone experiences a certain amount of worry and anxiousness about different parts of their lives, it is different for those with Generalized anxiety disorder as the ongoing worry and anxiety is extremely difficult to control (at times, uncontrollable) and interferes in functioning to a large extent.

This can show up for people in different ways- physically and emotionally.
Physically, it could be through difficulty sleeping, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, nausea, sweating, trembling, to cite a few examples.

Emotionally some examples of ways it can turn up are persistent worry, rumination over worst case scenarios, fear of making the ‘wrong’ decision, irritability, difficulty with fluidity and unwinding.

Generalized anxiety disorder is diagnosed as a clinical concern based on a few factors that are determined by a clinical psychologist and/or a psychiatrist- not everyone who experiences anxiousness has generalised anxiety disorder.

How do I know when to reach out for support?

Support can be accessed at any point in time and not just when experiencing severe distress. It could also be when you feel your worries are not all consuming but there is a baseline level of anxiousness. For instance, you may have an overall sense of something bad that may happen.

The anxiety may also be causing distress in various parts of your life- socially, professionally (work or academia). Or it could also simply be that you want to explore how it impacts you when not in distress, how to cope and explore some deeper roots.

For some, the combination of therapy and psychiatric interventions are helpful. For others, it can be one or the other. Both play different roles that work in tandem with one another and can make a difference and vary from individual to individual.

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