How can a strained parent child relationship be prevented? Find the best relationship counsellor or a parenting counsellor in Mumbai.

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‘My child has changed.. he has started back answering.. he tells us you do not love me.. his issues are really silly.. generally our conversation ends with a conflict.. should we approach a mental health therapist for guidance or these are silly things..'

Relationships are the most integral part of an individual's life. The first ever relationship an individual makes is a parent child relationship. At every stage of life this relationship goes through various trials and ups and downs. Sometimes, it gets strained due to a variety of reasons due certain simple or complex situations, various communications patterns, difference in thought process and so on. Hence it is important to handle parent child relationship and learn to nurture it with the mixture of love, care and affection.

The best way to avoid a strained parent child relationship is by adopting an Authoritative Parenting Style.

A strained parent child relationship can be a result of a faulty parenting style over a period of time. Hence, parenting is an art and a role of responsibility.

For example: A child is allowed to do whatever he likes or the child has to follow everything that is dictated by the parents.

So let us discuss a technique that can help prevent a strained parent child relationship if care is taken at an early stage of child development.

Define the Problem:
Example: When a child wants chocolate he starts whining, yelling, banging his legs on the floor, rolling on the ground when mother/father deny to fulfil his/her demands.
(Define the problem including frequency, intensity of the behaviour rather than labelling the behaviour i.e. tantrum)

List down the possible solutions:

Possible Solutions



  1. Fulfil the demand

Soothing my child. Save myself from embarrassment in front of others.

Child will learn how to fulfill his demands by whining, yelling and so on in front of others.

  1. Yelling back at my child and showing my authority

He will listen to me.

He will learn to yell back in order to fulfil his demands in future. ill -Feeling toward the parent.

  1. Hitting the child

He might keep quite at that moment and he will not show the problem behaviour again.

Resentment, develops feelings of anger, developing low self-esteem, becoming rebellious in nature, displacement of anger on others etc.

  1. Keeping calm and being assertive

Child may stop whining, yelling, and start listening to the parent.

It may take some time for the child to understand if I am trying to keep calm and be assertive for the first time instead of using the above options. Child might not listen and increase in intensity of problem behaviour. (Note: If the parent still continues to respond in a firm and calm way then the child will gradually decrease in showing the problem behaviour).

Test it:
It is important for parents to be assertive and calm even in public space when they experience a tantrum from their own child.

Act on it.
The above technique can act as an effective tool to nurture parent child relationships in a balanced way at the right age which will help prevent strained relationships in future.

When you notice that when a conflict keeps on lingering with your child over and over again it is important to approach a mental health therapist for relationship counselling.

A step of opting for relationship counselling can act as a great benefit for both parents and children to understand the perspective of each other.

“Do not hesitate to approach for relationship counselling as it will help you to get a fresh approach to resolve your strained relationship with your child”

Some of the centres to avail relationship counselling or parenting counselling from best mental health therapist are

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