How a parenting workshop can help you improve your parenting style?

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How a parenting workshop can help you improve your parenting style?
Joys of Parenting

Parenting is the most important aspect of every individual’s life and that is one thing that shapes a person into who they are today. Parenting is how a parent would raise their child and the style of parenting that is used for their child.

Every child evolves through the developmental phase and needs different kinds of skills in the parenting style so the child grows in an independent and confident way.

There are styles of parenting that would be used by parents consciously or subconsciously which impacts the child’s life directly or indirectly. Hence to understand it better knowledge about parenting and ways in which you can deal with your child will be addressed.

We are specifically focusing on those children who are in their teens, also known as adolescents who are in the age of 13-18 years old. As they reach this age there are many changes that are happening in their body- physiological, psychological, and social. This makes them feel very confused about the change as it’s all very new for them. This is the age where children start asking more questions and even start questioning themselves as there are so many changes that happen within and around that can feel daunting.

During this time, it is important for the children to receive positive feedback and assertiveness from their parents instead of captioning their behaviour to them as it could seem like they are being criticized. The intention of the parents is to just get some awareness in their child about their behaviour as it is fairly new for the parents too seeing their child behave differently.

In this age, even parents are confused because the times have changed and with every incoming new generation which is unique in its own way will also require unique ways in which they are dealt with. This is where the parents could be feeling even more confused because they now have to deal with a completely different generation of kids and may not know how to go about it. This is one of the reasons why a workshop on parenting for parents with teens is important.

As different as all the generations have been so far, it is also observed that children are starting to show more and more independence than previous generations and wish to explore more than them. This can make the parents feel confused too and which is when parenting styles may come into play. A lot of parents would be using helicopter parenting to protect and provide for their children but then in doing so, the child could become very dependent and entitled to be provided which could make them lose their sense of independence as well which is one of the biggest reasons for confusion.

There are times when children display assertiveness by trying to be overly independent but then that could lead to distance between the child and parent which, in the long run, could also create distance in the emotional attachment. This could produce fear in the parents and children both but when they are unable to express or deal with the uncertain emotions that’s when the parents could take a little help by understanding the generation in a better way. The way in which this generation is also seen by the parents is stubborn, sensitive, and vocal/upfront but they are bold, insightful, and confident which could be intimidating for a lot of people. They are not shy of asking for their needs but at the same time are unsure how to ask. One of the reasons people are not able to vocalize their needs is because they don’t feel it’s important for the other person and that it wouldn’t be taken seriously while this generation wants to be taken seriously.

There is also a concept of generation gap which even millennials have experienced with their parents. Parenting is all about seeing how our parents did it and the things a person liked as a child would continue to do the same with their children and that’s how parenting is carried forward by the parents. Sometimes when parents have behaved in a certain manner where children could have experienced negative emotions and haven’t gotten the space to express it, it can so happen that they start believing that’s how all the parents are and they also end up becoming like their parents. This is also called parental oppression in children which could show shades of intergenerational trauma.

To understand the integrities and the ways in which parents can deal with their teens it’s also important to be aware of how they have been feeling about their children and how they feel about themselves as individuals and parents.

To help parents having teen children, we at MPower are holding a workshop on “Joys of Parenting” on the 28th of May 2022, 4-6 pm. It will be focused on the feelings of the parents and venting space will be provided for introspection. It’s a workshop for parents of 8th- 11th graders on how to engage better with their children without being stressed.

For registrations, please fill in your details here-

For more information, please call on +919702800044 or visit our Mumbai centre, Mpower- The Centre, Hughes Road, Mumbai.

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