Couple counselling in Mumbai - Who should avail this therapy?

Couple counselling in Mumbai - Who should avail this therapy?

Couples bounded by love and/or law see different types of rollercoasters in their relationships. Some may face behavioural conflicts, others may face emotional inharmony, others may face sexual incompatibility, and others may face a combination of all of the above.

Relationships mostly comprises of two people with similar, different or contradicting personalities. Different personalities think, feel and behave in different manners. A couple might be exposed to about 50-100 different situations in a week where they are expected to take joint decisions. Now, when two people naturally ideate, emote and act differently, the chances of them having conflicts are, being generous, at least 50 % of the times.

To avoid conflicts, couples need to adjust, be flexible, be open-minded, compromise and communicate. To add to the complications, these parameters are mostly hampered by various different kinds of upbringing.

As per statistics, 99% of couples start fighting in the first 3 years of their relationships, about 20% of partners are unhappy in their relationships, about 50% of married couples all across the world get divorced, and about 40% of couples go to therapy to reconcile with their partners.

Psychologists, marriage counsellors, couples counsellors or relationship therapists help identify the areas of conflicts in a relationship, assist in providing valuable strategies and reconciling techniques, and aid in the rejuvenation of the core reason for the couple to be together.

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Marriage or relationships need to be prioritized and need to be constantly worked on for it to remain fresh, lively and harmonious. Sometimes, with the rush of life, a lot of individuals start prioritizing other things over their relationships. Relationships start feeling like a task. Compatibility and understanding go out of the window. If you feel you are in such a relationship, trying out a few sessions of couples counselling is the right way for you.

Janvi Sutaria
Clinical & Health Psychologist Mpower
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