Couple counselling in Mumbai

Couple counselling in Mumbai

What is couple counselling?
A marriage or a relationship is like a car. When you buy one, you have invested a lot into it and need regular maintenance for its life to increase. In that context, the vehicle is your relationship, and you need to maintain the relationship for it to last longer.

There are times when you cannot repair your car on your own, and you need to go to a professional, i.e., a mechanic, similarly when the relationship is damaged beyond self-repair, one must seek professional help, in this case, a therapist or a couple’s counselor.

Couples counselling is a type of psychotherapy in which a therapist with clinical experience work with couples, helps two people involved in a romantic relationship gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflict and improve relationship satisfaction utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions. Although the practice of couple’s therapy may vary depending on the therapist’s theoretical orientation, all couples therapy tends to have a similar procedure.

When it comes to the couple counselling therapy procedure, it can differ from therapist to therapist, but the main goals or the broader outline of the session are usually the same. The initial session will focus on the background of the couples, the history of the relationship. Then, if needed, some interventions may be taken for immediate problems.

Usually, the couple has a specific problem (i.e., sexual difficulties, Internet addiction, jealousy, financial issues, compatibility difficulties, communicational problems, etc.). Once the problem has been identified, the therapist will try to bring awareness of the situation and assist the couple using therapeutic techniques to guide them in the right direction. During the sessions, the couple counselor will try to make the couple gain insight into their own relationship and have them do certain activities in and out of sessions to help them grow.

What are the positive impacts:

Many couples need therapy, but they are not aware of it or think treatment does not work. However, the American Association of Marriage and Family research concluded that 97% of the couples who came in for couple’s therapy got the help they were seeking. In addition, 93% of the couples said that therapy gave them more insight into the relationship and provided effective ways to deal with problems.

In the Indian context, these facts may look surprising, but couples therapy definitely works in order to understand the reality of the relationship and find practical goals towards which the relationship should head. Just like a mechanic is the best person to fix your car, a therapist is the best person to improve your relationship.

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The average couple waits six years before seeking professional help for marital problems. It is not impossible to change the relationship dynamics that one is in. It is advisable to identify the red flags in a relationship, address the problem mutually, and to seek immediate professional assistance to mend and heal quickly. There is a lot of stigma around couples’ therapy. While only 19% of couples actually seek some form of professional help, and only 37% of divorced couples have previously worked with a marriage counselor, normalization of relationship counselling is the need of the hour.

The question around who needs couple therapy is as simple as going for therapy. Any two people who are in a relationship and have problems can go to a couple’s therapist. While some couples might start as individual therapy, it will eventually turn into couples’ therapy as the problem needs to be resolved by both the partners and not just one. It is a team effort and not a solo game.

The first step towards a better relationship is trying to accept that you need to get some help. You may feel ashamed or feel that it is not worth it, but unless you try will not know, right? You can find counselors at any mental health institution or a hospital.

Most of the time, couple counselors are working at a hospital/ organization. You can approach the institution or the counselor on board and seek their help. If none of this works, we use one of the greatest assets’ humanity has ever discovered, GOOGLE. Typing keywords like “counselor,” “couples therapy” or “therapy” will bring about thousands of references to choose from. For a narrower search, you can add your city or the area you live in. For example, you can search for “couples therapy in Mumbai” or “counselors in Dadar.”

It is always better to ask your friends if they know any counselors or get you in touch with someone who might know. There can be instants where the therapist who is helping you is not really a therapist or is not qualified to be a counselor. A background search on the counselor or the institution will only make you feel more comfortable. Once you have some background research and decided where with a counselor to consult. You have won 80% of the battle. We must go to the sessions regularly, and so what the counselors suggest, and the results will only be in your favor.

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