Best ways to help an Autistic child. Find the best child therapist near you.

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Autism stands for Always, Unique, Talented, Interesting, Sometimes, Mysterious. These words make them stand out from the normal children and hence they are called as Autism Children or persons. Every individual has some difficulty either in academic or social skills. Similarly, Autism children do face some major issues like lack in communication skills, social interaction, unusual/challenging behavior, and cognitive/learning difficulties. Few autism children receive early intervention and hence they were able to manage many things by the time they reached a certain age where they were able to live independently. Hence, it is important to know the best way to communicate with the autistic children.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to communicate with Autism children.

These children often take longer duration to process the information which is given to them. Hence it is very important to uses short sentences while speaking to them. Give them some time to process the information and wait for their answer. If you still have not received the answer, you need to show them few visual cards so that they can process the information faster than before and then you might get the correct or incorrect answer. In this procedure as a parent or caretaker needs to be patient and persistent in actions.

These children have less attention span while communicating. Hence, to grab their attention. Physical activity will be the best choice to interact with them as well as we can play many games which they are interested in. This would be the best way to know the likes and dislikes of the child. The parents or the caretaker can appreciate and give positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior in a social setting. Parents can give them a high five or a hug. But some children don’t like to be touched at all, even light contact can distress them. We need to respect their feelings and personal space. Never force them to do anything unwillingly.

Help the child to develop self-control strategies and anger management in social settings or at home. Using various social stories to teach self-control in specific situations has been useful for autism children. For example; The child screams in response to loud noises in school and in the gym. Now, we have identified that the child is sensitive towards loud noise and hence we will provide the child with appropriate alternative ways to cope up with the condition. Putting headphones on when she /he goes to a gym will help him/her to dull the stimuli. Identify reinforcers that follow the appropriate behavior. E.g.; Special treat at the end of the gym class.

Provide children with pictorial or photographic representations of this chain of events and give instructions related to the pictures so the child is familiar with the sequences and the way to use in stressful situations as self-help technique.

We need to explore the world with them through their eyes and encourage them in various activities which they are interested in like academics, football, fine arts, music, dance and various other things. Remember that being a parent of autistic child you are going to relive your life again with your child in a special way.

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