Best ways to create awareness about depression among employees. Support them with the help of best therapy services in Kolkata.

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Work is at the very core of contemporary life for most people, providing financial security, personal identity, and an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to community life.

-Source: NAMI (15)

The workplace is crucial to our overall health and well-being as a lot of our waking hours are either spent at the office or in performing work-related tasks. And it is thus the responsibility of employers to generate awareness amongst their employees so that they can live fulfilling lives and ensure optimum productivity.

As seen above, these three interrelated factors work in a cyclic pattern which means disruption in one aspect (say, Domain: 1) can affect the other two domains (i.e. Domain: 2 and Domain: 3) and that, in turn, will create further deterioration in Domain:1.

Depression is a serious mental illness that is not visible from outside….so what you are essentially observing as an employer/organization head/ senior/co-worker/subordinate are the external signs and symptoms. Keep your eyes out for prolonged incidences of the following-

  • Withdrawal from team, isolates oneself, fails to do their part in collaborations
  • Indifference to what is going on at work…. may be both in terms of own work responsibilities as well as in ongoing projects or routine tasks
  • Putting things off, missed deadlines, giving excuses
  • Seeming absent minded or distracted frequently
  • Procrastination, lack of planning, reduced productivity
  • Late to work, afternoon fatigue
  • Unsure of own work capabilities, lack of confidence
  • Low motivation
  • Inappropriate reactions (such as breaking down to tears or anger outbursts) strained relationships with work associates

Creating mental health awareness is crucial for a conducive and stable work environment. You may thus take the following steps to create awareness-

Mpower, a mental health organization, provides workshops and trainings for holistic mental wellbeing solutions at the workplace. Reach out for mental health therapy services for employees in Kolkata.

Besides creating awareness, a company can take the following steps for the people working with them-

Identifymental distress caused by work-related issues and vice-versa;
Take Actionto improve the mental well-being of employees;
Assist employers in modifying the work and work environment;
Enable employees to remain at work rather than break away under stressfully circumstances
Accessibility is crucial as employees must have the opportunity to reach out for help. One way to do this is to make Depression screening a part of health risk appraisals (HRAs) and EAP programs
First-aid is the first step to facilitation of mental health and managers/centre-heads should be trained in handling and guiding an employee who may be dealing with depression
To avail mental health therapy services in Kolkata, please find your nearest centre.
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Soumali Bardhan
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