The mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

What We're Trying to Do

Mpower endeavours to be The Movement to affect change. It aims to create a rich network of individuals, professionals and organisations to empower people living with mental health problems and psycho-social disabilities. The initiative of The Movement is to shed stigma that leads to patient and family exclusion from society and urges opinion givers, media and medical professionals, community leaders, educational institutes and policy makers to encourage dialogue and exert compassion and responsibility towards people afflicted with mental health problems/illnesses.

The Movement will proactively champion mental health causes, create awareness, advocate prevention and provide services with a professional, holistic and multi-disciplinary approach.

Why the Need

it’s Time to Change

There is an urgent need to spread knowledge about mental health and encourage its practice in all sections of our society. In order to accomplish this, we must challenge the discrimination that mental health sufferers and their families face. We need to challenge the stigma faced by people who recognise that they may have a mental health problem, but shy away from seeking professional help. There is an impending need to create awareness campaigns such as #StampOutStigma and out-reach programs for the community, educational institutes, corporates and schools through conferences, seminars and workshops. We need to ensure the spread of meaningful awareness and advocate prevention strategies through media. It is also important that we harness advocacy and government attention to bring about constructive changes and have mental health included in the country's primary healthcare mandate.

A World Without Stigma

We hope to encourage strength through support groups, to bring together people facing similar issues or major life changes. We will strive to share experiences and generate solutions or healthy coping mechanisms and help the people who suffer to feel understood, accepted and not alone or judged, and gain a sense of empowerment and control. We promise to be a world class mental health provider to citizens from all walks of life.

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