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Mpower endeavours to be the movement to affect change and to create a rich network of individuals, professionals and organisations, in order to empower people living with mental health problems and psycho-social disabilities.

I will stay in touch with friends and loved ones and inquire about their wellbeing.

I will share my mental health story, in order to create awareness about mental health.

I will encourage and support individuals at my work place and in my personal life to share their stories.

I will confront mental health stigma and discrimination when I see it.

I will offer support to those around me and create an environment of trust.

I will reach out to those suffering from mental health problems and encourage them to seek help, by being a good listener.

I will be empathetic and aware of my surroundings and will initiate dialogue around mental health wherever possible.

I will not judge or stereotype people with mental health disorders.

I will be sensitive about what I say, and how I approach people with mental health problems.

I will encourage people to seek help when required, encouraging them to pursue a better life.

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If you’re a school, organisation, counselling institute, hospital, mental healthcare provider, or just a person who wants to help, we would love to hear from you. Please leave us a message and we’ll let you know how you can be a part of Mpower.