What Happens In The Best Mental Health Clinic In Kolkata?

What Happens In The Best Mental Health Clinic In Kolkata

For the mind is the glue that holds us together…. The anchor that prevents the ship from losing itself to the tumultuous waves and the autumn breeze that enables the trees to satisfy their wanderlust by carrying their leaves to unknown horizons…….

The only way to know the mind is to understand it’s duality………….to know how the human psyche works to establish concreteness and stability at one time and indulges in creativity and flexibility at other times.

The bestmental health professional is one who can acknowledge and accept the various shades of the human mind and it is what we at Mpower minds strive to do for you!

Here’s what happens in the best Mental Health clinic in Kolkata:

  1. Non-judgmental, warm and empathetic approach- our clinical staff are trained in the essential humanitarian qualities that are at the core of any mental health services. We provide you with a safe, neutral and comfortable space to share all that troubles you. All your thoughts, fears, ideas, feelings, wishes and experiences with be met with professionals who not only hear, but rather listen to everything you wish to share.
  2. Strict confidentiality and respect for the right to privacy- we understand your personal boundaries and adhere to the strict confidentiality protocols such that anything that is discussed in the session remains only between you and the professional. Even if we need to collaborate with any other fellow professional for holistic improvement, your identity will essentially remain anonymous.
  3. Longer session duration- our USP is the longer sessions that we provide which lasts for 45 minutes (no matter the professional you are consulting)
  4. No or minimal waiting time- your time is precious to us……we understand the pressures of the modern, busy life and offer you the opportunity to book sessions as per your convenience.
  5. Fully furnished, hospitable environment with proper sanitization protocols in place- at Mpower minds, we understand the value of that perfect, comfortable and serene atmosphere which is necessary for most people, if not all, in order to open-up. Our centre is temperature controlled, fully furnished and always kept tidy and organized. Furthermore, in keeping with the government protocols, our centre is periodically sanitized and all the staff are required to follow essential COVID-safety guidelines.
  6. Prime location- Mpower minds is conveniently located at Minto Park Kolkata with bus routes easily available. Furthermore, the nearest metro station is Rabindra Sadan and the nearest rail station is Park Circus. Our location is easily accessed by cabs and personal cars as well and our building (Ideal Plaza ) offers convenient parking.
  7. All relevant services under one roof- we offer the following services- Psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling, play-therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education…. all under one roof! We follow the multidisciplinary team approach wherein all concerned professionals collaborate for the best results.
  8. Full disclosure of diagnosis and treatment plan- we believe in right to knowledge and information and thus keep our clients updated about the treatment plans that are individually formulated for them.
  9. Multi-modal session mode- we offer face-to-face sessions along with virtual sessions via video calls and phone calls.
  10. Qualified and registered professionals- all our clinical staff hold the licence to practice and have been deemed eligible by either the Rehabilitation Council of India(RCI) or THE Medical Council of India (MCI)
Where to find the best mental health clinic in Kolkata:
Unit N210A-211, 2nd Floor,
North Block, Ideal Plaza,
11/1, Sarat Bose Road
Kolkata 700020
+91 90735 55522

Image source-Mpower