Yoga VS Remedial Therapy. How can you avail Remedial Therapy in Bangalore?

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What is Yoga?
Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India.

What is Remedial Therapy?
Remedial Therapy is an instructional program designed for children to assist them in areas of Cognitive thinking, Fine Motor skills, Eye Hand Coordination, Social Skills, Social Communication and also work on Behaviour. This helps the child in understanding and developing of problem solving skills.

Can Yoga and Remedial therapy be clubbed together?
Yoga and Remedial therapy can go hand in hand as many a times Yoga is recommended for children with special needs. Yoga is beneficial not just for a certain age group or certain group of people but it is beneficial in having a sound mind and a sound and healthy body.

Remedial therapy can help the child with presented issues like Memory, Concentration, Eye hand Coordination, Fine motor issues and Hyperactivity/Sitting tolerance. In remedial therapy the needs and requirements of each and every individual is addressed by making a thorough assessment and setting goals that differ from each and every individual. Any child with special needs or a child with difficulty in learning or understanding can avail Remedial Therapy.

Yoga on the other hand is for everyone but can be more beneficial for children with developmental disorders like Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy can benefit from doing yoga regularly. Children with learning disabilities, ADD and ADHD can also benefit from participating in yoga classes. Although for some with severe case of Cerebral palsy or any form of physical disability, only the breathing exercises and meditation might be recommended and not the other yoga asanas. So kindly refer a professional before making your child do yoga. But when it comes to Remedial Therapy anyone of any age group and any form of special needs can avail it.

Every growing child requires a form of exercise to help in the growth of the body but in some cases like a child with physical constraints or disability, mobility might be an issue. In this case Yoga can play a major role in helping the child get the required amount of physical exercise without causing any harm to the child’s health.

Yoga and Remedial Therapy can both be recommended for example for a child with ADHD. Yoga can help the child in calming down and help the child in improving his concentration, Remedial therapy on the other hand also works on calming the child through calming activities which is more of tactile activities and the kinesthetic ways of learning, it also works on the improvement of the attention span and concentration of the child.

While yoga is a form of exercise for the body and mind and has its own set of benefits. It is totally different from Remedial Therapy and the two has no relation besides the fact that they both can be beneficial for a child depending on their needs and requirement. Remedial Therapy Focuses more on the aspect of making the child independent in various activities of daily living and assist them by introducing the different ways of learning depending on their learning styles.

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