What happens in individual therapy and where can I find an individual therapist in Bangalore?

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Individual Psychotherapy is a rigorous process of identifying and helping people who are struggling with emotional difficulties or various kinds of mental illnesses, by experts who have been trained and have practitioner license for the same. It does not involve medications, but it is done through active communication with the therapist. It helps not only in symptom relief, but also facilitates self-awareness which will reduce the impact of stress in the future and also helps build resilience.

The process of individual therapy helps in:

Increased awareness about oneself: -

As opposed to what we find on the internet about how to cope with various emotional issues, our problems cannot be summarized in those pointers. Therapy helps the client in understanding where the problem is coming from and why it occurs. The “what” to do about it, then becomes easier to implement.

Equipping oneself to cope with future stressors: -

As humans, we are always told not to feel vulnerable and negative emotions and thoughts are made to seem like monsters. Therapy helps in understanding the humaneness of these thoughts and emotions, which makes it more acceptable and less scary for us.

Confronting ourselves: -

As easy as this may sound, it is one of the most difficult things to do. As humans, we have a tendency to run away from pain. It is also normal to do so. But what we do not understand is that, when we run away from pain, it keeps following us wherever we go. Hence, we tend to carry the burden of our past or the fears of our future. To be comfortable with life and living, we need to be comfortable with ourselves. Therapy facilitates this process.

Improving our interpersonal experiences: -

The above mentioned points, changes how we experience a problem. Humans are social animals and many of our problems primarily stem from various experiences in the interpersonal domain. Knowing oneself and learning how to manage these issues, helps in reducing the biases and judgments that come along with the problem. This in turn makes our interpersonal experience more pleasurable and less stressful.

One of the places where one can avail individual therapy in Bangalore:

  • Mpower- The Centre, Bangalore has a team of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists who are licensed therapists with an experience of handling clients with emotional difficulties and psychiatric disorders.

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Sahana Tantry
Psychologist & Outreach Associate, Mpower - The Centre, Bengaluru
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