Ear for you

“I love you”
“I miss you”
“I want you”
These are arguably some of the most powerful, most-wanted, most exhilarating phrases in the English language. And whatever our mother tongue, or culture, or conditioning- at a very early age we learn to respond to some variation of these phrases. This becomes the emotional ground on which we block by block build our self-worth. It becomes our language of validation.

But sometimes this language of love and care, is not enough. Specially, if the loved one we are trying to reach is emotionally unreachable. It requires more than the flame of feeling for someone who is drowning in darkness to take notice. It needs a flashlight of active intention.

So what if the next time or loving words are supplemented with another set of pro-active phrases. Those that are not as poetic or popular or dopamine inducing, but equally powerful. Words that break glass walls and encourage engagement. Words that create space for dialogue and communication. Words that help us understand and be understood.
After all, isn’t that what we as living beings, as loving beings want.
So the next time we want to express our love and care and support to a loved one, what if we said-
“I love you and I hear you”
“I miss you and I’m here for you”
“I want you and I’m not going anywhere”!
“I’m listening”
“Let’s talk”
“Let’s do this together!”
Therapy is often referred to as “the talking cure”. And this healing begins in our homes and schools and offices and communities....
Let’s talk to our loved ones, let’s give them our true attention, let’s lend an ear to one another.
Listening, truly listening, is a language of love in itself.

Image source-Google