Benefits of Individual Therapy and best individual therapist in bangalore

Benefits of Individual Therapy and best individual therapist in bangalore.

Benefits of Individual Therapy And How to Find a Therapist Who Is A Good Fit For You

The moment we hear someone say they’re going for therapy, we immediately jump to assume that either something is very drastically wrong in their lives, or that they’re too weak to handle things on their own.

That therapy is reserved for a time of crisis and even then, our first suggestions to our loved ones are to take a break, pursue their hobbies, try yoga/meditation or go out and connect with their friends.

While some of these ways are perfectly acceptable, and help many of us cope, we forget that these are our own individual ways of coping. They cannot work for everyone. In fact, if we enforce our own ways onto someone else, we are probably adding to their existing burden.

We forget that there are trained professionals ( Individual therapists)who might not solve your problems, but can facilitate a process that helps anyone figure out their best possible solutions or ways to cope.

Individual therapyis where a trained professional helps a single person work through their own emotional issues while establishing a working relationship and holding a safe space for them.

Although it is a treatment modality for various mental health concerns, you can even walk into individual therapy not knowing what doesn’t feel right. The goals of individual therapy can completely vary from person to person based on your own individual needs, that are collaboratively discussed and formulated in the first few sessions with your therapist.

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You know that you’re heading in the right direction when the benefits of therapy sessions align with the goals you set together. That could range from feeling more confident, being more self-aware, finding tools to regulate difficult emotions, working on making healthier decisions or feeling more comfortable within your own skin.

Although individual therapy requires time, it does not mean that you’re making yourself dependent on someone else or you will be incapable of handling difficulties on your own. In fact, it is a process specifically focused to help you achieve these goals on your own in the long run.

Finding a therapist who feels like a good fit for you, can take some time. Some basic factors that one needs to consider are age and gender of the therapist, the languages they know, the fees they charge and their qualifications and areas of specialization.

Broadly knowing the nature of difficulties you want to work on and finding therapists that specialize in those areas, can also be a good start. Visiting more than one therapist helps give an idea of whom you feel most comfortable with, but it can become difficult because it requires you to open up to different people. There is again, no right way to go about this process and no ‘perfect’ therapist. You have probably found a therapist who is a good fit, if you are able to feel safe in a way that there is space to have a dialogue about anything (even disagreements).

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