4 ways to let your loved ones know that you're having suicidal thoughts

4 Tips To Deal With Anxiety

Suicidal thoughts are not something that everyone experiences so it is extremely difficult to understand the pain that one must feel to completely give up on one’s life and see no hope of any future at all. When one feels that they are a burden on their family or loved ones and feel that they would be better off without them. So when someone is already reeling with the guilt, how do you even start to tell your loved ones that you are having thoughts of suicide and make them understand how you are feeling when you yourself can’t even fathom why you are feeling the way you do. Also how are you going to handle the emotions that may overwhelm your loved ones when your own emotional ability to deal with anything is bordering on negative?

So here are some tips about how to do this because we all know that it’s important to develop a support network. Don’t let fear, shame, or embarrassment prevent you from seeking support.

  1. Who – find someone whom you are comfortable with and trust. It could be anyone from your family or friends.
  2. When –Talk when you are ready. This can’t be a hurried conversation so make sure that you and your loved one possibly does not have to rush for something important.
  3. What – It is best to be direct and matter of fact so that they areaware of how you really feel. It is your journey and you are in control of how much you want to share. Be clear of what you need from them and this could vary from just a listening ear or checking up on you every now and again
  4. How – Try to think of it as just another conversation. It need not be a face-to-face conversation, you could also communicate via email or letter if you are more comfortable with that

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