10 New Year Resolutions for your Mental Health


  1. This New Year let’s focus on Slowing Down and being grateful.
    Let us let go of insignificant aspects of life and let go of certain people- some who’ve hurt us or some who we love but need to let go of.

  2. You shall feel light.
    Let us be able to live in the here and now, like each day is the last, focusing on the present rather than feeling depressed about the past or anxious about the future.

  3. You will feel calm.
    Let us be able to stop getting angry or irritated. When we do that we only hurt ourselves and damage our emotional or mental well-being.

  4. You will feel more in control and empowered
    Let us be able to love in the absence of judgment.

  5. You shall be loved unconditionally in return
    Let us learn to respect and accept situations and other people devoid of bias or judgment based on religion, caste, creed, socio-economical background, skin color or sexual preference.

  6. You will feel liberated and free with empathy
    Let us feel the gratitude for each and every small aspect of life.

  7. You will enjoy so much more
    Let us look at and perceive things differently, sometimes in silence.

  8. You will learn so much more
    Let us be more accepting of life's challenges and know that light comes in through all its enumerable cracks.

  9. You will learn to be more patient and understand life spiritually
    Let us be able to Enjoy life to its fullest - dance like you have never danced before, laugh hard until it hurts, hug someone tighter and longer than before, go to a place you’ve always wished to see, pray for peace not for things, and love like you’ve never loved before, say all your thank you and sorries before it’s too late- so that we never live with Regret.

  10. You shall find inner happiness and peace of mind
    This should be everyone's 2020 Resolution.

Relying on others for happiness is the biggest tragedy of them all, as you shall forget how to rely on yourself.

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Senior Psychiatrist and Advisor
Mpower-The Centre, Mumbai
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